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A further relevant example of a faked cover was offered by auction house Philatelie Stadler in its 18th live auction in Novotel Linz on July 28, 2007 in lot number 1162 (a collection lot), estimated at 65 Euro ($86) and sold at 95 Euro ($126). The auction house recommended a careful examination of the lot in its description. One hopes that the buyer followed this recommendation, recognized the fake, and was able to justify his investment with the other covers in the lot!
Fritz Hans Sturzeis ends his letter with this well-intentioned advice: "Please always consider the physical characteristics of a document to determine whether such an offering can possibly come from the stated time period. An expert in the relevant area would b6 glad to be of assistance to you. Warmest greetings, your Fritz Hans Sturzeis."


Fig. 3                               Fig. 4 


Figures 3 and 4 show genuine covers for comparison. A final observation from the editor: We can recommend Fntz Sturzeis as such a "helpful expert", and recommend that he be contacted at the address Beckmanngasse 32/15, 1140 Vienna, Austria.